Eleanor Kelly and Daniela Rossi, solo recitals

YouTube Premiere

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osR8sGiK5_w The show is open internationally and a tip jar will be available in the subject box below the video and on the CM website. YouTube automatically updates the time for your zone. Programme: Eleanor Kelly will perform 1st: Dedicatoria by Carmen Guzmán (1925-2012) Garden Waltz, a world premiere, by Valérie Hartzell (b. 1974) Tres colores porteños by Claudia Montero (1962-2021) Sonatina: II. Largo, III. Tempo di minuetto by Teresa de Rogatis (1893-1979) A Felicidade (arr. R. Dyens) by Antônio Carlos Jobim (1927-1994)

Daniela Rossi: Rumores de Perales by Jeffrey Mc Fadden (Ontario, Canada, 1963) (Dedicated to Daniela Rossi and her inspiration, Giulio Regondi)
Harbour, a world premiere, by Andrew Williams (Wales, United Kingdom) Seascapes by Vincent Lindsey-Clark (United Kingdom, 1956) Suite Americana by Lindsey-Clark 1. Danza Galopa 2. Salsa Roja 3. El vuelo de la Mariposa 4. Fiesta Finale