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For audiences who are not participating in the festival and for guitar builders, please leave a donation for our artists. Because these are pre-recorded concerts, we cannot sell tickets. If you could leave a tip for our artists, I will divide the total among them all. Thank you so much for your support.

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Classical Minds Concert Online

YouTube Premiere

Valérie Hartzell and Daniela Rossi will share an evening of music via YouTube. Audience members will be able to comment & even chat with the artists as the concert is happening. We are grateful for any ticket donations from the audience. Unfortunately, we cannot sell tickets like a regular concert and would appreciate any donations in the tip jar up above. Programme and link to YouTube to follow. Please check soon.

Classical Minds Concert Online

YouTube Premiere New music by Jeremías García who will be joined by special guests from Solero Flamenco, Irma La Paloma (cante) and Andrés Felix (cajón). First on the programme we will have Artistic Director, Valerie Hartzell perform music by Tarrega, Metallica & Scott Ouellette and then Argentinian guitarist living in Cambridge Daniela Rossi will perform new works by Dusan Bogdanovic and John Duarte.

Concert with Mathew James, Eleanor Kelly, Valérie Hartzell and Daniela Rossi

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YouTube Premiere

Order of performance: Mathew James, Eleanor Kelly, Interval with feature young artist, Youree Delvalle, Valérie Hartzell (Artistic Director) and Daniela Rossi. We have music composed by Vincent Lindsey-Clark, Ernesto Tamayo, Mathew James, Valérie Hartzell, Phyllis Tate, Hirokazu Sato, Cielo Abierto, Miguel Llobet, Giulio Regondi and much, much more.