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Classical Minds Festival Faculty Concert

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St Martin's Church, Church Street, West Coker, Yeovil BA22 9BD

This faculty concert will include Eleanor Kelly from Liverpool, Artistic Director Valérie Hartzell, and Argentinian guitarist living in Cambridge, Daniela Rossi. Tickets are £10, raffle tickets are £1 and suggested donation for wine is £2.50. Non alcoholic beverages will be available for a donation.

The application, full schedule, and information are all online at classicalmindsfestival.org and Valérie can be contacted for more information at classicalmindsfestival@gmail.com Tickets can be purchased at the post office in West Coker or call Barbs at 07958992140/01935864574.

Classical Minds Concert Online

YouTube Premiere

Valérie Hartzell and Daniela Rossi will share an evening of music via YouTube. Audience members will be able to comment & even chat with the artists as the concert is happening. We are grateful for any ticket donations from the audience. Unfortunately, we cannot sell tickets like a regular concert and would appreciate any donations in the tip jar up above. Programme and link to YouTube to follow. Please check soon.