Application Information


  1. Application and £25 deposit is due September 30th. £2 will be removed from total amount if application, deposit and remainder of tuition is submitted by 1st September. 
  2. Payments are done via bank transfer. Once your application is sent, an invoice will be immediately sent via email. 
  3. The rest of the tuition must be received by 24th of October 2023 and again, will be done by bank transfer.
  4. In order to perform in a master class, the student should be at an intermediate level. Please include the current repertoire you are working on to give me an idea of your level. Please submit your proposed piece with composer 1 week before the festival to me, Valérie, at All festival participants should attend the master class to observe and take notes. Feel free to ask questions at the end of each class.
  5. Once full payment is received, an email with helpful information and instructions will be sent out.
  6. Spouses/partners of participants receive a discount at concerts. The tickets for spouses/partners on Saturday night is £5.
  7. Please email me, Valérie, if you have any questions, would like more information or have any concerns at

All events held at St Martin's Church: Church St, West Coker, Yeovil BA22 9BD


£25 deposit which will be deducted from total amount

£100 festival only (includes concert tickets and all events)

£100 festival (includes concert tickets and all events) + £15 for 1 master class = £115

Remember, early applications will get a £2 deduction from the total tuition if turned in by end of September.

Application Form