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Hidden Gems: the forgotten works of women composers with Eleanor Kelly

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YouTube Premiere Throughout history, women have often been overlooked and the Western classical tradition is no exception. Often, there is a pause when one is asked to name more than one female composer – even, indeed, by music scholars and professionals. Up until the twentieth century, it was considered immoral for a woman to be making music in public – whether that be performing or composing – and women were confined to domestic music-making. Along with many other factors, such as lack of education, opportunity and autonomy, this is one reason why there is a data gap of female composers in the histories across the Western Classical Tradition, and guitar repertoire is not exempt from this issue. The loss of knowledge and music that the silencing of women composers will have caused is sad and frustrating, but in this lecture/survey I aim to rediscover and highlight the major women composers for guitar and their works across eras and genres.

Classical Minds Guitar Exhibit Presentation

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YouTube Premiere We are excited to present three guitar builders: Steve Toon Guitars, Stuart Christie, Michael Edgeworth; a publishing company: Bergmann Editions with Allan Bergmann, a composer: Andrew Williams and Classical Minds (what is it like to organise a festival online vs in person). Each person will have 15 minutes to talk about their guitars/scores and videos to showcase their instruments/music. Ever wonder how a guitar is built? Or ever ponder about a composer's process? Or maybe you don't know which score to buy that's right for you? You'll be able to get into the creative minds of builders, a composer, a festival and a publisher.

Eleanor Kelly and Daniela Rossi, solo recitals

YouTube Premiere The show is open internationally and a tip jar will be available in the subject box below the video and on the CM website. YouTube automatically updates the time for your zone. Programme: Eleanor Kelly will perform 1st: Dedicatoria by Carmen Guzmán (1925-2012) Garden Waltz, a world premiere, by Valérie Hartzell (b. 1974) Tres colores porteños by Claudia Montero (1962-2021) Sonatina: II. Largo, III. Tempo di minuetto by Teresa de Rogatis (1893-1979) A Felicidade (arr. R. Dyens) by Antônio Carlos Jobim (1927-1994)

Daniela Rossi: Rumores de Perales by Jeffrey Mc Fadden (Ontario, Canada, 1963) (Dedicated to Daniela Rossi and her inspiration, Giulio Regondi)
Harbour, a world premiere, by Andrew Williams (Wales, United Kingdom) Seascapes by Vincent Lindsey-Clark (United Kingdom, 1956) Suite Americana by Lindsey-Clark 1. Danza Galopa 2. Salsa Roja 3. El vuelo de la Mariposa 4. Fiesta Finale

Women in Music video notes-links Here, Eleanor has all the links to YouTube videos where you can here recordings of the composers' music, links to her sources, and thank yous. 671 KB